Simml® UV-C Air Purifiers: V-1000 / V-500 / V-300 / V-50

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Simml® V-1000 / V-500 / V-300 / V-50

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Simml®:  V1000, V500, V300 or V50:

The V1000 circulating air purifiers is ideal for subsequent installation and reliable disinfection of any room with up to 800 m³.

The ventilation system UV-C dose can be regulated and significantly increased, so that mold and spores are killed in one pass.

The V1000 is equipped with a non-corrosive reflector. The hygienic design (without external cables and construction elements) prevents germ accumulation and germ nests. Thanks to special thermo tubes, the highest UV-C output is guaranteed, even at temperatures below 0 ° C.


Technical characteristics

  • V-1000 Dimensions (L x diameter) : 1150 x 314 mm
  • Volume of air treated [m3/h] : 250 m3/h to 800 m3/h (adjustable)
  • Weight (V-1000) : 29.5 kg
  • Noise emission : 30 - 51 dB (depending on the power setup)
  • Certified : EMV, CE, IP54


The UVC air purifiers V500, V300 or V50 are also suitable for smaller volume flows. Feel free to contact us for more informations about those products.

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Airport / Train station and Subways/ Night Clubs / Sport Centers / Shopping Centers, Hospital / Clinic / Laboratories / Pharmaceutical Industry


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