Who we are

UV-CLEAN SOLUTIONS is a disinfection company founded in 2020 by a team of scientists and specialists who joined forces during the VersusVirus Hackathon in April 2020, an incredible initiative founded under the patronage of the Swiss Confederation in order to imagine and create effective solutions for society in the fight against COVID-19.

Following the Hackathon, our team was accepted into the VersusVirus 25 weeks incubation program from which we recently graduated .

The main focus of our company is on protection against viral and pathogenic contamination as well as on the prevention of healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

No matter who you are, UV-CLEAN SOLUTIONS proposes to guide you through a safe and relevant selection of UV-C products currently available on the Swiss market.

We recommend UV-C products as addition to existing health measures (social distancing, hand hygiene and the wearing of protective face masks).

Graduate incubation program versus virus

The Team

Spartacus Zitouni


With over 10 years of experience in the marine engineering industry as a certified deep sea diver, he has developed extensive experience in the management of hazardous materials and access protocols to contaminated environments.

His knowledge includes a wide range of technical skills in the domain of commercial diving. From underwater diving in nuclear and chemical environments to search and rescue operations, he has developed a great interest for safety protocols and protective measures adapted for contaminated areas.

Active in the field of event management for Ceruleum-School of Visual Arts, he also produced many fundraising festivals and events in support of the NGO “Terre des hommes” – the main Swiss organization for helping children in the world.

Currently working in the Event Management domain, he also produced many fundraising festivals and visual arts projects in support of the NGO “Terre des hommes” – leading Swiss organisation for worldwide children’s aid.

His hobbies include drawing, astronomy, motorsports and cooking. He currently lives near Lausanne in Switzerland


Dr. Joseph Ambrose Pagaran PhD


A former space physicist working with ESA/NASA projects, one of them on the solar spectrum (including the UV radiation) that lead to his Dr.rer.nat. (University of Bremen, Germany) and to his postdoc on lightning storms of the gas-giant Saturn (Space Research Institute, Graz, Austria).

He has played different freelance and subcontract roles from full-stack, back-end, front-end software development, an all-around intern, to quality assurance (QA) of machine learning models, he worked and collaborated with various (mostly early-stage) startups/companies from 10 countries: wonderflow (NL, IT), brilliant.org (US),  Uptime (AT), oBike (SG, CN), clearfactor (UK), LogoShuffle (AT), mjam.at (AT), T3K.ai (AT), UVC Clean (CH), dolce coVIDA-20 (CH), Urban Zee (FI), Oceanus Conservation (PH).

During most weekends of the last six years, he has joined more than 100+ in-person hackathons within EU, Switzerland, & UK, covering almost all academic, commercial and industrial sectors.

On his free time, he is a poetry and children’s books writer; a classical-opera and country baritone hobby singer; a contemporary modern dancer, a long-distance (mountain) cyclist, and a volunteer organizer for sports events and startup festivals.

He currently lives in a small village of southeast Styria, Austria, near the borders of Slovenia and Hungary.


Corinna Martinella

Scientific Advisor

After completing her BSc in Biomedical Engineering and her MSc in Nuclear Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, since 2017 Corinna is working on her PhD in Applied Physics.

Her research is carried out between CERN and ETH Zurich in Switzerland and the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. Her expertise covers different aspects of radiation effects and radioprotection (including UV radiation), radiation measurements, electronics and data analysis.

On her free time she is a backpacker and a photographer.

She currently lives between Finland and Switzerland.